Saturday, 9 July 2011

Loviisa; Ruusujen Hurmaa

I had never been to Loviisa before, but had fallen in love with the beautiful old houses with tons of character that I found via internet while I was searching for a right property and a city to settle in pretty much exactly 2years ago, when we were moving from UK back to Finland.

I finally had a chance to steal a day off, and were lucky enough to find out that Loviisa was hosting a FREE (apart from Eija's Garden which would have cost 10e) event called "Ruusujen Hurmaa" the same weekend ( 8-10.7.2911 ) :). Loviisa is specialised in Open Day events, where the local house owners open their gardens and historical homes for visitors:)

These following pics are from one home in particular called Kuninkaanlampi. The family were all ever so sweet, kind, and helpful. The garden and its buildings are absolutely gorgeous, the property ending in a quite large pond- so beautiful, and definitely worth a visit! Ever so inspiring for aspiring gardeners:)

Hope you enjoy!

Next event coming up in Loviisa is the "Loviisan Wanhat Talot" in 27th an 28th of August:)
If you decide to visit, add an additional odd 15km's to visit Ruotsinpyhtää and Strömfors Ruukki, even more gorgeous than Fiskars, if possible:) Restaurant Ruukinmylly will fill your tummy with delicious food set generously and served by ever so lovely crew:)

Peeps in Vihti should defo sit down and start organising something
similar to revive the gorgeous little village of ours <3

x x x

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