Friday, 22 October 2010

Robin Redbreast

"Robin Redbreast in a Cage,
Puts All Heaven in a Rage"
(William Blake)

Robin is my ultimate favourite bird.
When I lived in London, I had one visiting me every day while I was working on my comp. I had a street view towards the BRIT School (Performing Arts), a stone fence separating me from the young British hopefuls roaming about in their skimpy leotards, singing loudly, drums playing endlessly.
And the Robin was balancing about the rocks and searching the gaps:)
Such a beautiful bird, Robin is.

We moved, and Robins were left behind:(
I did my research and found out that Robins (Punarinta in Finnish, Erithacus rubecul) were supposed to be the 3rd (or 4th) common nesting birds in Finland.
Although I had never seen one before
I had these weird "anxiety" attacks, maybe 6month, after the move, every time I thought about "My Robins" which I kinda understood were an embodiment of me missing the UK even though I wasn't exactly ready to admit it just yet.
Sometimes the feeling got so strong that I felt this horrible pain inside me,
like my soul was aching and splitting my body in half, strangling me.
I kept hoping that I would see one in my garden as we have quite a rich variety in small birds.

"Sun pitää olla varovainen mitä sä haluut, sillä sä saat sen" (Andy McCoy)

used to be my mantra when I was growing up.
I never lost my faith in that some what vague saying, and it has never let me down (so far). I kept longing and the day did come and there is indeed a Robin living in my garden. I haven't managed to snap a photo of him, but I've now seen him couple of times and the other day he was right behind my work room window.
Sitting on a branch of my Maple tree, just metre away from me, staring me through the window its head tilted to the side. I Hope that his arrival was a good sign, it sure has been a tough year.

My heart doesn't need to ache after my Robins anymore:) It's quite a weird thought to think that this one breed of birds would give me so much comfort and happiness. Until I see him again, here's couple of lovely pics I searched via Google. I do apologise I don't know who the pics belong to, but who ever you are- Thank you for sharing! x x x

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