Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ellu's Chair part.1

Once upon a time there was a beautiful hand crafted chair sitting alone in an antiques store in Porvoo. And there was a girl who was about to turn 30, and she was longing for a chair, a swing chair to be more precise. So did the girl's friends get together and purchase her the magical swing chair:) The birthday girl was ever so pleased, but the the chair needed a re-vamp. The original fabric is indeed ever so lovely, but it was slowly deteriorating, so the friend's took care of that too. Here's the chair in the shop:
And here it is now:) Part one, "demolition", 2.5hours in:
So far 140 euros spent for the chair
Needed: 2 different sized tags, grey needled wool, jute and sea hay as the filling.

Absolutely everything needs to be replaced as the chair is unfortunately bit of a stinker and all the work would get wasted if the old, yet great conditioned, but smelly fillings would've been left:( On the fifth pic you can see a two layered filling, first a thick coat of wooden shavings/"hay" that was traditionally used in war- times when everything was non existing or simply rationed, and a new coat of the sea hay was added to gain more comfort when it was again available:)
It's not going to be a complete waste as I can recycle the fillings in my garden to protect the berry bushes from the zero temperatures (great tip!) :)

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