Saturday, 9 February 2013

Santa's Secret Crafters

I was asked to join a group of Santa's Little Helpers:) To be a trusted member, everyone made a donation to "Retired Greyhound Trust":) And here we are, I received this most amazing creation from my Secret Santa, Jenn, from Jenn's Knits!♥ My gift is perfect and a very successful surprise:) Here's her Facebook page, some of you might already know her from the greyhound world:) Thank you so much Jenn!

Oh my, oh my, what's this?


Lumius Caesar is ever so interested..
.. and sends his approval:)
AND this is what I made for my secret gift receiver:)
She has a rescue greyhound called Nellie, but I didn't even dare to start guessing her neck size for a custom collar, so I made my version of her beautiful brindle, Nellie, the Greyhound:) vuff vuff
Have a happy and ever so inspiring February! x x x 

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