Saturday, 10 November 2012

KOTOliving and Newbies for Nov 2012

Phew, it's been one hectic week, and one hectic weekend it will be.
NEW! KOTOliving Lifestyle magazine was published earlier this week,
go and have a peek if you have a spare moment, please:)
Looks (and feels!) really nice:)

Lots and lots of (jelly tots) new goodies have been listed to the web-boutique including this NEW! Funky Bambi pillow. And some OOAK 925 Sterling Silver pieces, just to mention few.

Loads (or more than usual, ha!) Funky Bambies are available for good homes
Hope you've had a beautiful and ever so wonderful beginning of the Nov! OH, last but not least, quite a few new peeps have joined Funky Homo sapiens'  Facebook page. We're still a small group,  but thank you sooo much for the support, much appreciated! 
x x x 

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