Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My First New Weller Soldering Iron

This is bit of a random post, but viewing my Blog Stats, Google is a strange world, so I'm putting it to test! I'm looking for any Stained / Tiffany Glass enthusiasts worldwide using a Weller Soldering iron please?

I just purchases my first ever Weller w100pg Professional Stained Glass Soldering Iron, 100W, BUT I'm totally freaking out when putting it on:( The body is turning so burning red hot in seconds and I'm scared it'll catch fire:( It says on the tag that the body might be red while it reaches the correct temperature, but mine really looks like it's burning up and will explode:(. I've tried it twice, searched the Google and Youtube and couldn't find any answers, so I suppose I'm kinda looking for support, please:(

On some of the Youtube videos the body looks kinda corroded, in a lack of the better word, but do you remember how your (Weller) soldering iron was when you first bought it? I suppose I could use an external thermometer, but the point of this new soldering iron was that it should loop into the right temperature without having to use a thermometer:(

Any tips, lovely peeps, please?
image is via Google

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