Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tsai Tsai Tsai!

It's been strange couple of weeks, ever so hectic with the Funky Homo sapiens Boutique, setting up the web store, setting up the boutique itself, worrying if the snow will melt (enough) on time, ha. Well, trying to sort everything out, have designers represented, paying the bills ("When I die, my epitaph should read: 'She paid the bills'. That's the story of my private life" Gloria Swanson) and phew, phew, but ever so lovely Phew!

AND strangest thing happened, my own personal house renovation kicked up a notch, it's been bit silent for the past.. nearly a year, apart from the painting the stairs last Autumn, but I'm FINALLY getting my new cooker, the only thing I said out loud purchasing this house, was that I wanted a new cooker, Pronto(!), nothing else... Everything else I could live with. But the lovely red (yup!) 70's cooker which was practically unused (the ol' lady used a wood stove) turned out to be superfast and superior in every way compared to these new ones, but the oven broke down, so next Monday I'll have me cooker, new dishwasher and a cooker hood:) I feel bit guilty having these new kitchen appliances, not sure why. Not so keen on the thought of a dishwasher anyhoo, but 'cause I work with my hands, they've become quite delicate and soaking them too much isn't good for them, and I'm allergic to rubber, so gloves are out of the question:( Ha, apologies, too much of personal information, ha!

But yup, things are progressing, and as much as I though the house would not really need much to do, now that everything is starting to progress I feel so much more at home and the house is finally starting to feel like my own:) I was scared I would feel the need to move again soon:( I've never lived more than 3 years in any house.

So, here's two silly pics of my progress:) Everyone who's English knows that "wood shaving" wallpaper too well:) It can look nice and tidy, but I wanted to add some colour. Ripping off that wallpaper is a nightmare, it basically comes off in three layers (IF it comes off!) and trying to even the surface could be a nightmare. I put the wallpaper up all by myself (first time ever), and the outcome is quite good, if I dare to say it out loud:) And I put up the panels too:) I also have a lovely vintage cabbage rose wallpaper border in style of Hyacinth Bucket (Keeping up the Appearances, BBC) of course, ha, which actually dictated the colour of the turquoise stripes, but not sure if to add it now- it's just too romantic? Shabby Chic is never off, but.. hmm and but.. the stripes are simple and quite stylish I think:) I think I'll wait a while to decide, it just means that I can't put up the skirtings just yet:(
The ol' DIY master, aka the previous owner, who has built the extension of the house (1979, original part belonged to the family of the ol' Lady's family, built 1934) had screwed in the crown mouldings and applied several layers of latex paint over them! Gosh, it was a nightmare to try to rip them off to be able to apply the wallpaper! I have all the respect for the old couple, and in general the man's handiwork is neat and very good looking, but he's basically used so much glue, or simply way too many screws in odd places or 4inch (! yes !) nails to attach cabinets, skirtings, or what ever to the walls, which are close to impossible to remove or alter. Some of the perfectly recyclable bits are totally beyond repair when the tad problematic "attaching systems" are surfaced and removed under the heavy coats of paint. If nothing else, after few swear words, it kinda makes me laugh out loud.. Dare I say it out loud?.. MEN!.. tut tut, ha!
That's Varpunen, the kitten, at the front, Nuppu in the middle and Lumi showing at the very back:) "Feed us, mummy! We're hungry!"

----- x x x -----

Well, I also had other news!
NEW! Polkka Jam Tsai- series postcards have arrived! They're so beautiful with the vintage coffee pots, samovars and detailed porcelain cups. Heavenly, yum yum! ALSO there will be NEW! kitchen towels arriving with the same illustrations early April ,yei! Can't wait to get my hand on them! They look so yummy!
Hope you like- Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Happy Crafting!
x x x

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