Saturday, 29 January 2011

New Year and New Tricks

Hmm ,well... it's, tadaa, New Year! Nearly first month already gone, 11 more to follow, phew.

It's been bit of an odd start. Had an extremely hectic Christmas, had quite a lot of pressure (self created of course) because the previous favourite holiday season (2009) was bit of a disappointment having to give up so much because of pneumonia I suffered. And little did I know this 2010 Christmas was about to blow my mind away with lovely lovely retailers, new and old, asking for a whole tons of Funky Bambies (amongst the regular stuff), so I was kinda surprised and caught off my guard. It was one mad Christmas, sewing 24-7, getting no sleep (literally) since mid Novemberish, orders coming in all the way up to the Christmas week. Having said I didn't sleep, all the sleep problems kinda escalated. I've always been a trouble sleeper ever since I was a very very young kid, but this was bonkers. I was so tired, but couldn't catch the Sandman, and having been ill for so long, physical health not being 100%, the whole sleeping issue turned upside down; Staying up days on end, sleeping here and there where ever I could, no matter what time of the day. Ha, the insomnia sure isn't a nice buddy. Just this week I finally have been able to turn the whole rhythm towards a normal one. It's a relief, or at least thumps up, everyone, ha! Thinking positive

To add pain to the turmoil, one of my oldest friends, who I have known since I was about 1 years old, was diagnosed with a tumour in her pineal gland. She had her surgery this week to remove the growth and it was luckily benign (non-cancerous). It was one dangerous operation and I'm so happy to hear that she is coming about with none too serious post- surgery hick- ups! She's such a strong, lovely human being, young mother of a 1.5 year old!

Well, it's the 29th of January, there's also been some lovely news:). An idea of mine that I've had a while now, has raised its little head once again and is about to be set in stone, ha. But firstly some other rather exciting news! The Season II of Finnish "Project Runway / Catwalk" called Muodin Huipulle is about to start at the end of February 2011. I'm proud to announce that one of the contenders is an ex- co- designer of mine Anne- Mari Pahkala:)

She designs for her own label called Illusion Costumes and represented my jewellery at her Atelier in Tampere when I lived in London. I've never had a chance to meet her in person as of yet, so it's even extra special to be able to follow her journey on Muodin Huipulle 2:)

Here's some Muodin Huipulle info in Finnish

Anne- Mari in Facebook

I wish her the best of luck, can't wait to see what she comes up with!:)

And the second news, which I will tell more in a later date, but there will be a grand opening of our first ever Funky Homo sapiens store in early April:) We'll have a physical store here in our lovely little village called Vihti, as well as we'll return online, back to my roots where I started from, and will go international representing couple of beautiful other Finnish Designers as well:)
More info to follow:)

Oh, and the first OOAK 925 Sterling Silver rings are ready, waiting for few more so we can launch the One Off collection:)

And here's an article, a mini "autobiography" of mine featured in For Boarder By Boarders (FBBB) UK based Boarding label I've had an honour to work with for past 3 years :heart:
FBBB Website HERE . More news to follow about FHS + FBBB later this year, shhh for now:)

And, and, and... That's it, me thinks!
Happy New Year! Lots and lots of heath for everyone:)
x x x

Anne- Mari photo © Heli Hirvel√§

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